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  • One-on-One Instruction

    You have questions about how to improve your photography, but you are finding it difficult to sift through all the various information online.  You don’t have time to commit to a traditional classroom instructional setting, but you do want to learn more about your craft.  That is where the popular option of personal photography instruction comes into play.  Allow me to tailor instruction to address what you want to learn.  This can be in a home, office, or out in the field.  You will quickly grasp the concepts and execution of the areas of photography that you want/need to learn.

    One-on-One Personal Instruction Rates (In the Piedmont of NC):

    • $75/hour for Basic, Advanced, Composition, and Lighting Concepts
    • $99/hour for Adobe Lightroom
  • $22.00$80.00
  • Summer Decay Workshop 2019

    Outlawed Restorations

    Are you interested in “Decay Photography,”  maybe you just enjoy automotive photography?  Either way, I’ve got you covered!  Outlawed Restorations is a rat rod builder’s workshop located in East Bend, NC. The rusty landscape is ever changing but there are always interesting shells of cars as well as a few rat rods scattered around the property.  There is no end to the compositions that can be found here. Whether you are interested in photographing cars mixed with the landscape, or you prefer intimate details…this is the workshop for you!  We will cover basic concerns with this type of photography, as well as concentrating on overall compositions with plenty of detail shots thrown in for good measure.  I will also have a short Lightroom tutorial at the end to show what is possible with these images after the capture.  This is your workshop, so be sure and bring lots of questions for me.  My goal is to make you a better photographer in this genre.

    Location: East Bend, NC  (address to be given out to participants by email)

    Date: Saturday, Sept 7, 2019 (Full day planned from 8-5)

    Cost: $200.00 per person

    Limit: 6 Participants

    Transportation: Driving conditions will be on paved roads but carpooling is recommended due to somewhat limited parking.

    Facilities:  Unfortunately, there are no restrooms available at this location.  There is  fire station a short distance from the shop which can be utilized.

    Meals:  There will be a lunch break, and you can either pack a lunch (recommended), or there are a limited number of restaurants in the area.

    Fitness Level: This is a relatively flat property, but good quality shoes are recommended as there will be some possibility of standing in tall brush for certain compositions.

    Gear: Food, drinks, charged batteries, memory cards, lenses, tripods, polarizers and/or ND Grad filters.  We will be outside so dress for the weather which will likely be really hot.

    Note: Participants should have a working knowledge of their equipment for this workshop.  Bring manuals for any specific operating questions to your particular model. If you need filters, be sure to visit and use KISER10 at checkout for a 10% discount on your order.  Also bring lots of questions as to what you are wanting to learn.  As the host of a workshop, I don’t want to override your own personal creative choices without an invitation.  This is your workshop, and I am here to help you become a better photographer.

    Contact Me: [email protected] or call at 336-681-0220 for any questions about this workshop.

    Have and Have Not“, Canon 5D Mk3, 24-70mm f/2.8L Mk2, Singh-Ray Color Combo Polarizer

    Oldsmobile Sorrow

    Long in the Tooth“, Canon 5D Mk3, 24-700mm f/2.8L Mk2, Singh-Ray Color Combo Polarizer
  • Summer Landscape Workshop 2019

    Blue Ridge Parkway

    Location: Doughton Park in Laurel Springs, NC

    Date: Saturday, June 29, 2019

    Duration: Full day starting around 5am at the park.

    Cost: $150 per person

    Limit: 8 participants (4 spaces left)

    Lodging:  This will be the responsibility of the participant.  There are hotels in Laurel Springs area, but you can also consider camping at Doughton Park.

    Description: The Blue Ridge Parkway is a favorite among landscape photographers in the Eastern Part of the US.  The Parkway goes for a total of 469 miles and in that distance, you can find mountain scenes, waterfalls, fields, and fences.  For this workshop, we will be starting out at Doughton Park which is at milepost 240 in Laurel Springs, NC.  This will be a sunrise workshop, so plan on being at the rally point well before sunrise.  There are facilities at the park, however, food should be brought in to avoid having to travel into Boone for options.  We will shoot for the full day depending on weather conditions.  If they are favorable, plan on staying until sunset.  While this workshop starts at Doughton Park, we will go where the light takes us.  There are many places along the Blue Ridge Parkway which are fantastic to shoot at this time of year.

    Transportation: Driving conditions will be on all paved roads, and there will be ample parking, but it is encouraged to carpool to minimize impact as well as to get to know each other.

    Facilities: There are restrooms at the park which will be open.  If we leave the park, restrooms are few and far between on the Parkway.

    Meals:  This is the Blue Ridge Parkway, so there aren’t a lot of places to eat.  We will be close to the Northwest Trading Company which has some snacks and coffee.  It is recommended that you pack a lunch.  We will likely do a picnic style lunch break in the middle of the day.

    Fitness Level:  Easy on manicured trails throughout the park.  It is a large park, and we may choose to drive to locations within it, but all areas are walkable.  If we venture out of the park through the day, we will take everyone’s thoughts into consideration.

    Note: Participants should have a working knowledge of their equipment for this workshop.  This is a landscape workshop so there will be opportunities for wide angle shots as well as tight telephoto shots.  Bring manuals for any specific operating questions to your particular model.  A tripod is recommended as long exposures will possibly be used.  Polarizers and ND grad filters will be a great help for this workshop.  If you need filters, be sure to visit and use “KISER10” at checkout for a 10% discount on your order.  Also, make sure that your batteries are charged as this will be a long day, and you have plenty of memory card space.

    Contact Me: [email protected] or call at 336-681-0220 for any questions about this workshop.

    Doughtons Gold
    Dragons Breath
    Off Sides