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Studio Location:  Purlear, NC (near Wilkesboro, off of US 421)

Location Shoots Available:  I am conveniently located near the Blue Ridge Parkway, but willing to travel within reason to meet your needs.


A Note From Greg:

Imagine this…You are feeling excited about an occasion or accomplishment in your life.  Maybe you are just wanting to pamper yourself a little bit and have decided that it is time to have professional portraits done.  You select the studio and get your time slot.  You show up, and go through some basic poses over the course of an hour.  At the end of that hour, you are made to go through roughly 300 photographs in a situation that could only remind you of being at the eye doctor….”Do you like this one better, or this one?  One, or Two?”  after 45 minutes you have selected about 20 pictures and have signed up for a large package of prints as well as a canvas print which happens to be on special that week only.  You are exhausted from the whirlwind experience and for some reason you no longer remember why you were excited in the first place.  To make matters worse, what are you going to do with all of these prints that you just bought?  Well, if you are like Toni and me, you leave 80% of the prints in a folder stored on the bookshelf for roughly 10 years until you move and see that you haven’t touched them since.

This is not how your portrait session should go.  When you decide to have your portrait made, it should be a special occasion.  Face it, you are already going to feel vulnerable and exposed out there in front of the all seeing camera.  Do my hands look right?  Does my expression look cheesy?  When you choose a photographer to capture your image, what you are actually choosing is somebody that you can trust to make you look like your best self, or even possibly better than that.  That is where the decision on your photographer really becomes important.  You want a photographer that is going to listen to you about what you want out of the experience.  You want a photographer that will apply what they know about photography, and art in general to your ideas and then form a concept for the photographs.

For more than a decade, I have been honing my ability to create photographs that not only have a pleasing visual flow, but also tell a story.  The images that I create have a meaning beyond that of just a recording of a moment in time.  If you allow me the opportunity to work with you for your portrait needs, you can expect the same care and consideration that I have placed on my landscape photography to be applied to your story…..uh, portrait.  There won’t be an hour slot in the studio for your session as time constraints ruin creativity.  You aren’t going to get the next photographer in line which will go through the posing cards in a very efficient manner without consideration to the story of the image.  You can, and should expect more from me because what is important to you is now equally as important to me.

My portrait sessions will start off with a free consultation so that I can determine what your motivations are for your portrait session.  We will discuss what look and theme you will want in your photographs, and we will work together to determine clothing choices which will compliment the color palette being used.  Whether you want a small session, or something very involved and complex, I want to work out all of the variables before the day of the session so that you are confident in what is about to be created.  Stress never looks good in a photograph, and not only do I want you at ease with me, I want you at ease in front of the camera knowing that we are all on the same page with the same concept.

As you can see, I’m not like most portrait photographers out there, but I might just be the one for you.  Not only is the process leading up to your portrait session different, the final product will be different as well.  The way I see it is, you are hiring me for my particular expertise in photography.  Why should I fall short after the photographs have been captured and downloaded?  If I’m not able to pick out the best examples of each concept, then I have failed you.  It is just not fair for me to have so little confidence in my own critical eye that I put what is arguably the most important choice of the session in your lap.  I will cull through the images and you will only see those that successfully capture the concept that we had arrived at.  Those truly special images will be fully edited and presented to you digitally with versions ready for full sized printing, and smaller files for online sharing.  A release for the images will accompany the files so that you can have them printed anywhere you wish at any time.  I am also happy to create archival art prints of your portraits if you so desire.

I hear you asking about prices and package rates.  I understand that will be a large part of your decision because the bottom line is the bottom line.  I don’t have a price list or packages listed here because each session is as unique as you are.  I want to understand what you are wanting before I put a price tag on my services.  For me, it is all about providing value for your money and I just can’t do that with a cookie cutter approach.  There are just too many things to take into consideration to be able to pick a price before I even meet you.  This initial consultation which can be done via phone or even email, is completely free and there are no strings attached.  During this initial consultation we will determine what is expected of me, and what value has been attached to your session.

When you are ready for that special portrait session, email me, or call to discuss what options fit your needs.  You deserve that personal touch!