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Greg Kiser is a self-taught photographer that tends to gravitate towards landscape and decay photography. Having lived in North Carolina all of his life, Greg developed a love for the Appalachian Mountains and their many moods. In these mountains he discovered a profound connection with nature. Since 2005, Greg has tweaked his photographic style to capture what his eyes see.

Over the years, Greg's definition of "Landscape Photography" has changed slightly. At first, the hand of man was to be avoided at all cost, in favor of a pure and natural scene. However, those scenes are getting to be very difficult to find. In order to keep things fresh, Greg has taken on a "Wabi Sabi" approach to his photography. Essentially, this is a Japanese concept that explains that "everything passes, and in their passage lies beauty." As barns and automobiles deteriorate, and begin to fade away, there are infinite opportunities to capture the many stages of that passing. In many cases, the resulting photographs are the last remaining evidence that the subject was even there in the first place.

Whether the captured scene is a mountain range, or a rusting Chevrolet, Greg strives to capture not only the subject...but the emotion behind it. Each photograph is special to him, and he hopes that you will find a photo or two that sparks a memory, or a forgotten feeling from your past.

In the Winter of 2010, I had the great honor of becoming one of "Roy's Folks" which was a regular feature on WGHP, Fox 8, in Winston Salem, NC, for many years. My wife set this up for me as a surprise back when my website was Four Forty-Six Photography. A little bit of trivia about this appearance...the camera that I was using had been dropped and was damaged. I was waiting on a replacement to come in. Fortunately, it worked well enough to perform for the segment. It was a great experience being a part of this well known feature with our local news.



Behind every good photographer....

...is the photographer's "Photo Wench." This is my beautiful wife Toni. Not only does she support my want to be a starving artist, she has a great eye for interesting subjects that I tend to miss from time to time. She also keeps me in fresh lens caps when she drops them down to the bottom of waterfalls.

In all seriousness, in addition to helping me in the field, she has a certain talent for portrait photography as well. All of the pictures that appear here of me, are thanks to her.

Toni is an artist in her own right as well. She has recently started learning pastels and is continually improving with that talent. Often times, she will spot a scene that she likes, and we will work it together so that she will have a photo reference that she can reproduce later with her own media. I fully expect that some day she will eclipse me as the primary artist in the house.

Toni is a real patient woman to be such a great Photo Wench. She can attest to how boring a landscape photo shoot can be. We often times will sit for an hour or more just to capture a picture of a single tree so we can move on. While I'm sure it is no fun for her most of the time, I sure do enjoy the company, and sometimes the voice of reason when I'm blocking out my own good sense.