Get to know the photographer



Greg Kiser has been a landscape photographer since 2005. His love affair with this type of photography started as stress relief from his full-time career as a police officer. In time though, his photographic endeavors surpassed his want to be a police officer and he left his position of 20 years in September, 2019, to be a full time photographer. He is fortunate to live in the state of North Carolina which gives relatively easy access to both the coast and the mountains, although the mountains will always have a soft spot in his heart. This is due to the years he spent at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, where he earned a BS degree in Criminal Justice as well as spending a lot of time on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Over the years, Greg started to work in some of the sub genres of landscape photography and found that he really enjoys decay photography. This is a type of art based on the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi which celebrates the beauty of all stages of life, including the inevitable decline. This type of subject is very often found in the rural areas across the state and has become one of the most sought-after types of photography in his collection. In fact, it was this decay photography that caught the attention of Singh-Ray Filters, which is one of the top filter manufacturers and resulted in Greg becoming an affiliate for the company in 2018.

No matter if Greg is photographing a grand landscape, a mountain stream, or a rusted car next to a barn, he strives to introduce not only beauty into the composition, but also a sense of emotion. He tries to tell the story of whatever is in front of his lens. This goal has always been critical in his photography because it will mean the difference between a quick look, or a personal connection with an image. He feels that art should be enjoyed without being rushed, so his images are designed in a way that invites further investigation into the photograph.

Over the years, Greg has earned several awards and notoriety through his photography, including a 2010 segment on “Roy’s Folks.” This was a long standing WGHP, Fox 8 News feature in his home town of Winston Salem, NC, that talked about interesting people in different walks of life. It was this two minute segment that cemented Greg as one of the notable artists in the area.



Behind every good photographer....

...is the photographer's "Photo Wench." This is my beautiful wife Toni. Not only does she support my want to be a starving artist, she has a great eye for interesting subjects that I tend to miss from time to time. She also keeps me in fresh lens caps when she drops them down to the bottom of waterfalls. By the way, if anyone finds a Canon 77mm lens cap at the bottom of the Cascades at EB Jeffress Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway, that would be mine.

I am very lucky to have Toni as part of my team. It is because of her that I have really spent a great deal of time and effort in photographing trees, as those are her favorite subjects. She also has a keen eye for black and white compositions and if I ever have a question as to whether or not I should keep one, she is there with the definitive answer. Not only does she help me with my my art, she is also an artist herself. Her chosen method is through pastel chalks and she gets much of her inspiration from my images which is a great way to work together with our two disciplines.

Toni is a real patient woman to be such a great Photo Wench. She can attest to how boring a landscape photo shoot can be. We often times will sit for an hour or more just to capture a picture of a single tree so we can move on. While I'm sure it is no fun for her most of the time, I sure do enjoy the company, and sometimes the voice of reason when I'm blocking out my own good sense.