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  • Spring Decay Workshop

    Outlawed Restorations

    Are you interested in “Decay Photography?”  Maybe you just enjoy automotive photography with a touch of rust?  Either way, I’ve got you covered!  Are you a hobby shooter looking to expand your skills, or a seasoned enthusiast who is wanting to try out this type of photography?  Whether you are still learning the basics, or wanting to try some creative techniques, this is the workshop for you.  I am equally as happy to show somebody how to read a light meter as I am showing them how to compose an image, or to shoot a long exposure.  We will discuss and put into practice the concepts of exposure, focusing, composition, and lens choice.  We will also talk a great deal about filter choices for this type of photography.  The benefit to having the workshop at Outlawed Restorations is that we don’t have to worry about whether or not we will have access to the property which is so important in this type of photography.  I have worked it out with the property owner to have the full day workshop here at his rat rod workshop which has a plethora of different areas where we can find great compositions to practice on.  We will talk at length about how to find your own subjects and the legalities of photographing this type of subject.  As a follow up to this field workshop, I will have a short (1-2 hour) online Lightroom demonstration at another time agreed on by the participants where I will show some of the basics of what the software can do as well as some of the techniques that I use to edit my own decay images.  My goal is to make you a better photographer in this genre.


    Location: East Bend, NC  (address to be given out to participants by email)


    Date: Saturday, April 24, 2021


    Duration:  Full day from 8am until 5pm


    Cost: $200.00 per person (a portion of this will go to the property owner for the use of this location)


    Limit: 8 Participants


    COVID Announcements:  We will go with whatever state recommendations are at the time of the workshop including, but not limited to face masks and social distancing where possible


    Transportation: Driving conditions will be on paved roads but carpooling is recommended due to somewhat limited parking.


    Facilities:  Unfortunately, there are no restrooms available at this location.  There is  fire station a short distance from the shop which can be utilized.


    Meals:  There will be a lunch break, and you can either pack a lunch (recommended), or there are a limited number of restaurants in the area.


    Fitness Level: This is a relatively flat property, but good quality shoes are recommended as there will be some possibility of standing in tall brush for certain compositions.


    Gear: Food, drinks, charged batteries, memory cards, lenses, tripods, polarizers and/or ND Grad filters are suggested.  I will have limited filters from Singh-Ray to try out during the day as well.  We will be outside so dress for the weather and be prepared for very little shelter from the sun.

    Remember to use the code KISER10 to get 10% off your purchase



    Note: Participants should have a working knowledge of their equipment for this workshop.  Bring manuals for any specific operating questions to your particular model. If you need filters, be sure to visit and use KISER10 at checkout for a 10% discount on your order.  Also bring lots of questions as to what you are wanting to learn.  As the host of a workshop, I don’t want to override your own personal creative choices without an invitation.  This is your workshop, and I am here to help you become a better photographer.


    Contact Me: [email protected] or call at 336-681-0220 for any questions about this workshop.

  • Spring Landscape Workshop (Blue Ridge Parkway)

    Doughton Park, Blue Ridge Parkway (NC)

    The Blue Ridge Parkway is a favorite among landscape photographers in the Eastern Part of the US. The Parkway goes for a total of 469 miles and in that distance, you can find mountain scenes, waterfalls, fields, and fences. For this workshop, we will be starting out at Doughton Park which is at milepost 241.1 in Laurel Springs, NC. This will be a sunrise workshop, so plan on being at the rally point well before sunrise.  Depending on the weather, we might shoot waterfalls, intimate landscapes, or grand landscapes. There are opportunities for any and all of these types of images. There are facilities at the park which might be open, however, food should be brought in to avoid having to travel into neighboring towns for options. We will shoot for the full day depending on weather conditions. If they are favorable I plan on staying until sunset as long as there is interest in the group. While this workshop starts at Doughton Park, we will go where the light takes us. There are many places along the Blue Ridge Parkway which are fantastic to shoot at this time of year.


    There will be demonstrations of my workflow early in the morning for those who wish to follow along, and I will repeat this process as needed through the day.  My focus, however, will be assisting the participants in capturing their own images through the day.  This is a very participant centered workshop and one that is designed to address learning opportunities on an individual level as well as a group level.  Areas that I plan to cover will include finding the composition, establishing proper exposure, the use of filters, and focus.  This workshop is perfect for those that are wanting to hone the skills associated with landscape photography no matter your experience level.  This will be a workshop focused on the capture of the images with your camera.  Post processing will be discussed briefly through the day, and there will be a follow up Lightroom demonstration done at a later time online in relation to the workshop at no additional cost.  I will use one of my own images as a demonstration for what Lightroom can do, and some tricks that might help you out in your own photography.


    Location: Doughton Park, MP 241.1 on the Blue Ridge Parkway


    Date: Saturday, May 15, 2021


    Duration: Full day starting around 5:00am at the park.  We will go as long as there is interest.  I will be available until after sunset.


    Cost: $200 per person


    Limit: 6


    COVID Announcement:  We will practice social distancing as much as possible and masks will be used in accordance with current state recommendations.  This is an outdoor workshop with plenty of room to work.


    Lodging:  This will be the responsibility of the participant.  There are hotels in the area, but also consider camping within the park as RV and tent sites are available.


    Appropriate For:  This workshop is geared to be an educational experience, so whether you are a beginner or enthusiast, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn during the day.  If you have any specific concerns as to whether or not this workshop is right for you, please allow me to assist you in your decision.


    Transportation: Driving conditions will be mostly on paved roads, and there will be parking available along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it is encouraged to carpool to minimize impact as well as to get to know each other.


    Facilities: There are restrooms at Doughton which might be open by this point.  However, as we explore beyond Doughton Park, facilities are few and far between.


    Meals:  This will be a full day workshop, and there are no eating establishments along the Parkway.  You are encouraged to bring a bagged lunch, or several snacks for the day. We will be close to the vehicles for much of the day so you can leave any food in there for safe keeping.


    Fitness Level:  There will be some light hiking at the beginning of the day, and through much of the morning as we move around Doughton Park.  From there, most of the movement will be in vehicles along the Parkway.  Be prepared to walk up to two miles along easy trails with stops along the way for photo opportunities.


    Note: Participants should have a moderate working knowledge of their equipment for this workshop, but beginners are still welcome.  This is a landscape workshop so there will be opportunities for wide angle shots as well as tight telephoto shots.  Bring manuals for any specific operating questions to your particular camera model.  A tripod is recommended with all landscape photography because of the narrow apertures needed for depth of field.  Polarizers and ND grad filters will be a great help for this workshop.  If you need filters, be sure to visit and use “KISER10” at checkout for a 10% discount on your order.  I will have a workshop kit available from Singh-Ray so you can try out an assortment of filters as the needs arise.  Also, make sure that your batteries are charged and you have plenty of memory card space as this will be a long day.
    Remember to use the code KISER10 to get 10% off your purchase


    Contact Me: [email protected] or call at 336-681-0220 for any questions about this workshop.