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  • Fall Foliage Workshop 2019

    Stone Mountain State Park (NC)

    Location: 3042 Frank Parkway, Roaring Gap, NC 28668


    Date: Friday, October 25, 2019


    Duration: Full day starting around 7am at the park.


    Cost: $150 per person


    Limit: Closed


    Lodging:  This will be the responsibility of the participant.  There are hotels in the area, but also consider camping within the park as RV and tent sites are available.


    Description: The North Carolina Mountains are famous for the Autumn colors that fill our landscape with an explosion of color each year.  The most popular place to see this is the Blue Ridge Parkway and you will find it to be standing room only with traffic jams all along the 469 miles of roadway.  You can experience similar sights at other areas in our mountains, such as the location for this upcoming landscape workshop at Stone Mountain State Park.  You will get all the beauty of Fall, without the elbow to elbow crowds found on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Join me for a chance to learn how to capture the Fall Colors as well as landscapes in general.  This park has it all, from grand vistas, to intimate woodland, to waterfalls, and even some historic rustic buildings.  There will be a lot of hiking with this workshop, so make sure you are prepared to work for you images.  As with my other workshops, this is an educational experience for you, not an opportunity to see me work.  I will be right there with you helping you achieve the images that you are wanting to achieve.  The actual content of the workshop will be dependent on the weather as well as what the group wants to focus on.


    Appropriate For:  This workshop is geared to be an educational experience, so whether you are a beginner or enthusiast, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn during the day.  If you have any specific concerns as to whether or not this workshop is right for you, please allow me to assist you in your decision.


    Transportation: Driving conditions will be on all paved roads, and there will be parking available at the trail, but it is encouraged to carpool to minimize impact as well as to get to know each other.


    Facilities: There are restrooms at the park which will be open at the trail head.


    Meals:  This will be a full day at the park, and there are no eating establishments onsite.  You are encouraged to bring a bagged lunch, or heavy snack that you can carry with you on the hike. There is a good possibility that we will be around the parking area at some points during the day, but the light and locations will take precedence which may delay our return to the cars for meals.


    Fitness Level:  Stone Mountain has some wonderful trails, but there are a lot of elevation changes as well as some rather intense stair climbs (one at over 300 steps).  Some of the trails are rated as strenuous, but nothing is considered technical with the trails.  I would recommend having some hiking experience in order to fully enjoy the day as there will be several miles of terrain covered during the workshop to get to the vistas we will be working with.


    Note: Participants should have a working knowledge of their equipment for this workshop.  This is a landscape workshop so there will be opportunities for wide angle shots as well as tight telephoto shots.  Bring manuals for any specific operating questions to your particular camera model.  A tripod is recommended with all landscape photography because of the narrow apertures needed for depth of field.  Polarizers and ND grad filters will be a great help for this workshop.  If you need filters, be sure to visit and use “KISER10” at checkout for a 10% discount on your order.  Also, make sure that your batteries are charged and you have plenty of memory card space as this will be a long day.


    Contact Me: [email protected] or call at 336-681-0220 for any questions about this workshop.


    Golden Falls
    Drama Above
    Gnarled Direction
    Casualty of Spring
    Leaf Collection
    Mossy Seat
    Welcome Home
  • Winter Waterfall Workshop 2019

    Hanging Rock State Park

    Are you intrigued by waterfalls?  Do you find the moving water captivating and relaxing?  Do you want to learn how to photograph these waterfalls?  Then this is the workshop for you!  Join me as we hike through Hanging Rock State Park where we can find a total of seven waterfalls of different types within a very small area.  This park is unique in that five different waterfalls are located within a very short hike from the main parking area with an additional two located just outside of the park accessible by a short drive and shorter hikes.  This single day workshop will introduce you to long exposure photography with the techniques and equipment needed to capture that soothing flow of silky water over the rocks.  There will also be a short Lightroom demonstration during the mid day to show what is possible with editing waterfalls.  This workshop is open to photographers of all experience levels, but since will will be dealing with a very specific genre of photography, I do ask that you have a general understanding of the photographic process.  If you are not sure if this is the workshop for you, please contact me so we can discuss your needs further.


    Location: 1790 Hanging Rock Park Rd, Danbury, NC 27016


    Date: Saturday, December 7, 2019 (Full day planned from 7am-5pm)


    Cost: $150.00 per person


    Limit: 6 Participants


    Transportation: Driving conditions will be on paved roads with ample parking.


    Facilities:  There is a visitor’s center in the main parking lot, but it doesn’t open until 9am.


    Meals:  There will be a lunch break at a mid point of the day.  Due to travel time to any restaurants in the area it is recommended that you pack a lunch.


    Fitness Level: There will be hiking involved in this workshop, although the trails that we will be taking are around a half mile, or less to the destination.  They are moderate in difficulty in some places, but there are hazards associated with hiking around waterfalls which you should keep in mind.  Expect to hike around three miles total if we go to all seven of the waterfalls.


    Gear: Food, drinks, hiking boots (preferably waterproof), charged batteries, memory cards, lenses, and owner’s manuals.  I would also highly suggest that you bring a good quality tripod and a polarizing filter at a bare minimum with ND filters being strongly suggested as well.  With waterfall photography, the tripod and filters mentioned will have a very big bearing on your enjoyment and ability to learn the techniques associated with waterfall photography.  The weather here can be unpredictable for this time of year.  I will send out information about what to expect as we get closer to the workshop so you can prepare.
    Remember to use the code KISER10 to get 10% off your purchase


    Note: Participants should have a working knowledge of their equipment for this workshop.  Bring manuals for any specific operating questions to your particular model. If you need filters, be sure to visit and use KISER10 at checkout for a 10% discount on your order.  Also bring lots of questions as to what you are wanting to learn.  As the host of a workshop, I don’t want to override your own personal creative choices without an invitation.  This is your workshop, and I am here to help you become a better photographer.


    Contact Me: [email protected] or call at 336-681-0220 for any questions about this workshop.



    Enchanted Den

    Protective Walls
    Weeping Inside