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  • Introduction to Lightroom (Virtual)

    An Introduction to Lightroom


    Whether you are interested in switching over to capturing RAW format images for the first time, or you are looking to up your game in post processing with Adobe’s Lightroom, this is the workshop for you!  This two day virtual, online, interactive workshop will cover what Lightroom can do for you from a photographer’s point of view.  These classes are not designed to make you retouchers or composite image masters.  We are just going to deal with single image processing to get the most out of your camera.  The two days will be divided up into “Global Adjustments” which will then be followed up with “Local Adjustments”.  In both sessions I will be showing what all of the sliders and modules do and how they can be useful to you.


    Day 1:  On the first session of the class, I will cover importing your images into Lightroom from your camera as a RAW image in the Library Module.  I will then show you how to cull your images to get the best of the best for processing.  We will then go into the Develop Module where we will go through color profiles, cropping, and global adjustments.  This will get you ready to have your images prepared to print or post online in a very quick fashion.  We will learn about white balance, exposure, contrast, and how the colors interact among themselves.


    Day 2:  This is the day when we will start out in the Develop Module and concentrate on local adjustments which are very specific adjustments to localized areas of the image.  This is where the the true potential of a photograph can be seen, and has a lot of similarities to the wet darkroom of the film days.  We will be discussing the radial filter, graduated filter, and the brush tool pretty much exclusively during this phase of the class.  There are so many different uses for these tools and the adjustments that they can provide.  While your image was ready to be printed or posted on the previous day, this is the day that will add that “Wow factor” which will get that photograph noticed.


    By the end of this workshop you can expect to have a good handle on what Lightroom can do for your photography and be able to perform edits on your own images.  As with any new skill, it will be up to your own practice to become proficient at Lightroom.  My goal is not to teach you to edit like I do, but rather to give you the information that you need to be able to edit images as you envisioned them from the start.


    The platform for this virtual workshop will be Google Meets which is a free platform to use and you don’t have to have any specific system to run it.  All that is needed is a microphone if you plan to ask any questions, and I’ve had folks log in from their phones for dialog while having the computer logged in for the visuals so they could see the screen.  It is very simple and once you have signed up for this webinar, I will be sending out calendar reminders and links for the classes.  I will remind you the day before as well as about an hour before it starts just to make sure that nobody forgets.  As of right now, this will not be recorded, and once it is over, it is done.  If that changes, I will be adding an update to this description.


    Location: The comfort of your own computer


    Dates: Day 1: Tuesday, August 10, 2021 (6:30pm Eastern Time)

    Day 2:  Thursday, August 12, 2021 (6:30pm Eastern Time)


    Duration: 2-3 hours each night depending on questions.  We will start at 6:30pm ET and should be wrapped up by 9:30pm.


    Cost: $125 per person


    Limit: 20


    COVID Announcement:  You will be at home, so wearing a mask is totally optional


    Lodging:  If you don’t have a place to stay at home, I can’t help you


    Appropriate For:  This workshop is designed for those who want to further their understanding of a very feature packed image editor.  Whether you have used Lightroom before, or are just looking for a bit more information on the program there will be large portions of this workshop that will appeal to you.  You just need a willingness to learn and to ask questions as we move through the different tools within the program.  We will not be discussing the capture of the image during this workshop so if that is where you need help consider one of my field workshops or my Introduction to the “Art” of Photography workshop which is another virtual one.


    Transportation: Walking conditions are likely to be on hardwood floors or carpeted ones.  Wear the appropriate slippers.


    Facilities: You know where the bathroom is, make yourself at home.


    Meals:  All I ask is that you try to keep the crumbs out of the keyboard.


    Fitness Level:  While you can exercise during this class, it is not recommended because you might miss something.


    Note: Please note that times are for Eastern Daylight Savings time (GMT-4).  As you can tell from the description, I will try to keep this light and fun.  My goal here is to unlock the features of Lightroom for you in an environment where you can ask exactly what I am doing as I do it.  There will be a constant give and take here and I expect to have interaction from the participants which will make this a much more educational workshop for the entire group.  You don’t need to be a top tier photographer for this workshop and in fact, you will be able to benefit from this if you just like taking pictures of the kids, or the pets.  Lightroom is a great platform for realizing your own creative vision of a scene and that is what we are going to be dealing with for this workshop.


    Contact Me: [email protected] or call at 336-681-0220 for any questions about this workshop.

  • Rust at Dusk

    Light Painting and Decay in East Bend, NC


    What is better than decay photography?  What about decay photography at night?  That’s right, this is the first time that I have offered this particular workshop and I’m excited about the possibilities.  For those who have been to any of my Decay Workshops in the past, you will recognize the location and the subjects.  What is new here is that the workshop will start just before sunset and will last about four hours starting at 6:30pm and going until roughly 10:30pm.  The idea is that you will bring your own light to the party and we will escape the heat of summer by working in the dark for the most part.


    Light painting is a great technique for photography which allows you to simplify the scene as well as control just how the light is applied to the subjects.  Nothing fancy is needed here except for a tripod, the ability to do a timed exposure of three minutes or more, and a flashlight or other light source.  During this workshop will will work different stations so that each participant can work uninterrupted on their subject as I move between each station to assist with tips and tricks to get the desired effect.  There should be time to transition between four different stations through the evening.


    We will be covering topics that include composition, long exposure photography, and the application of additional lighting as well as using ambient light.  The location of this workshop will be given out to the participants in email after they sign up, but it is located in East Bend, NC, just a few miles from Hwy 421 in Yadkin County.  This is a very unique opportunity as I have been granted access to the property for the evening and there are just so many different subjects that will work for light painting.  In fact, pretty much anything can be used because you don’t have to worry nearly as much about the background elements.


    There will be demonstrations of my workflow as we get started for those who wish to follow along, and I will repeat this process as needed through the evening.  My focus, however, will be assisting the participants in capturing their own images.  This is a very participant centered workshop and one that is designed to address learning opportunities on an individual level as well as a group level.  Areas that I plan to cover will include finding the composition, establishing proper exposure for the intended lighting, and focusing at night.  This workshop is perfect for those that are wanting add another tool to their box when it comes to creative photography.  This will be a workshop focused on the capture of the images with your camera.  Post processing will be discussed briefly throughout the evening, and there will be a follow up Lightroom demonstration done at a later time online in relation to the workshop at no additional cost.  I will use one of my own images as a demonstration for what Lightroom can do, and some tricks that might help you out in your own photography.


    Location: East Bend, NC (exact address will be given out via email at a later time)


    Date: Saturday, September 18, 2021


    Duration: Roughly four to five hours starting around 6:30pm.


    Cost: $175 per person (a portion will be going to the property owner)


    Limit: 4


    COVID Announcement:  We will practice social distancing as much as possible and masks will be used in accordance with current state recommendations.  This is an outdoor workshop with plenty of room to work.


    Lodging:  This will be the responsibility of the participant.  There closest hotels will be in Winston Salem roughly 15 miles away.


    Appropriate For:  This workshop is geared to be an educational experience for a creative type of photography.  In order to get the most out of this workshop you should have a strong understanding of the basics of photography.  We will be working at night with limited light, so you will need to be very familiar with your equipment.  If you have any specific concerns as to whether or not this workshop is right for you, please allow me to assist you in your decision.


    Transportation: Driving conditions are on paved roads and we will be at a static location for the duration of the workshop.


    Facilities: There are no restrooms at this location.


    Meals:  Feel free to bring snacks, but there will not be a meal break during the evening to keep things flowing.


    Fitness Level:  We will be static at a single location and will be on foot.  The terrain is not difficult to navigate, but you will be doing fast moving around your subjects as you are lighting them during the exposures.


    Note: Participants should have a strong working knowledge of their equipment for this workshop, but beginners are still welcome.  This workshop is geared towards a very creative aspect of photography which can be utilized on many different subjects at different scales.  Bring manuals for any specific operating questions to your particular camera model.  A tripod is required for this workshop as we will be using very long exposures throughout the night.  You are also responsible for bringing a light source of your choosing to use.  No filters are recommended for this workshop, you will just need a camera with a bulb mode, or some way of taking exposures in excess of three minutes.  A standard lens (around 24-70mm) will be suitable for the entire workshop.  Also, make sure that your camera batteries are charged and you have plenty of light source batteries.


    Contact Me: [email protected] or call at 336-681-0220 for any questions about this workshop.