Self Awareness Through Photography Presentation


“Shadowed Ridge”

This presentation started out years ago for a therapy group which helped victims recover from domestic violence.  Since that time, I have adjusted the direction of the presentation to illustrate how photography has helped me through mild PTSD.  We will spend a lot of time discussing how photography can be a great creative outlet for emotions, and can also be used to determine your own current state of mind.  In this presentation, I will ask for a lot of interaction from the group and it is very much geared for an educational setting in its current form.  The presentation usually lasts for just under an hour and a half at full length, but that can be adjusted for your needs.  I can do this presentation in a webinar environment, but for the full effect it is recommended to be done in person at your location.  In order to schedule this presentation, please contact me by phone (336-681-0220) or email ([email protected]) to discuss your specific needs.

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