Introduction to the Art of Photography Presentation


We’ve all been there…We have a new camera and we aren’t really sure how to make it work to capture the images that we see online and in books.  This one is a little different than my other presentations since it was originally designed for a classroom setting lasting for about four hours.  The content of the presentation covers concepts like a basic introduction to your camera, how to get proper exposure, how to focus your camera correctly, how to compose your images, and even goes into a little bit of detail on things like lighting and lens choice.  There is a lot to be covered here, but by the end of the class you will be ready to step out of the Auto Mode and create the images that you are seeing in your mind with your camera.


I can do this presentation in a single day, or I can break it up over the course of several different sessions in order to fit your needs.  I am happy to do this as a webinar series or in person at your location.  In order to schedule this presentation, please contact me by phone (336-681-0220) or email ([email protected]) to discuss your specific needs and potential costs associated with this presentation.

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